BOSCH 1300W High Pressure Washer Cleaner AQT 33-11

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Short Description

BOSCH 1300W High Pressure Washer Cleaner AQT 33-11 in Pakistan

Central Product Features:

High-pressure compact cleaner with effortless cleaning performance
Safe pistol storage space (unique in range)
Compact, easy to store that stays stable during use
Quick and easy mounting
In order to absorb water, its pressure must be at least 2 bar (it works with running water). Where there is no running water, a water basin can be improvised, but it must be at least one meter tall.
SDS clamping system

Simple Push Fit Couplings
Dosing system during use

Safe storage of the gun during use
Hose space

The innovative system allows the hose to be quickly and easily tightened
Stable basis

The transverse pump provides a low center of gravity and a broad base, ensuring stability
High pressure nozzle for detergent

For fast application of detergent

Functions :

Innovative hose storage
Integrated accessory holder
SDS system with quick couplings
Automatic stop system
Automatic suction function
Water filter
Detergent dosage system

Delivery Set :

Nozzle 90 °
Jet-Fan nozzle fixed
High pressure foam nozzle of 450 ml
Rotary nozzle
Transparent water filter
High pressure hose 5 m
Washing lever

Optional accessories :

Aquatak accessory adapter
Pipe Cleaning Device
3 in 1 nozzle
Suction nozzle
High pressure jet detergent nozzle
Rotary nozzle
Water filter
High pressure hose
Extension hose
Brush for washing
Deluxe terraces cleaning system


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BOSCH 1300W High Pressure Washer Cleaner AQT 33-11

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